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Interesting Facts About Smoking Pipes

Smoking Pipes has been an important part of many cultures throughout history and often associated with ceremonial traditions. Still practiced today, some Native American religious traditions include smoking tobacco from a pipe as part of prayer. Many of these traditions existed among Native Americans before the Europeans arrived.

The peace pipe was named by the Europeans and was used in ceremonies to bring to a close covenants and treaties. In the 16th century, Europeans were introduced to tobacco by Americans. The customs and etiquette associated with a pipe vary throughout the world.

Smoking tobacco from a pipe has been accepted as a dignified and genteel practice carrying a degree of prestige. More about relaxation than the need for nicotine, using a pipe to enjoy tobacco has been a favorite pastime for men since its discovery.

Smoking jackets were once worn by gentlemen who, after dinner, would retreat to a smoking room. Popular until the 20th century, the jacket served to absorb pipe smoke and protect the clothing from burning ashes. The jacket may be making a come back as a fashion piece rather than a garment to protect clothing.

A pipe is a thing of beauty that when well crafted can be considered a work of art commanding a degree of respect. Pipes have been made from many different materials that include clay, briar, ceramic, glass, metal, gourd, stone, wood, and yes, corncob. Several have been constructed from a combination of these materials with the most well known being the English calabash pipe. The design of the pipe is particular to its purpose and each pipe bowl varies in diameter.

Tobacco used in the pipe is strong and harsh so many smokers do not inhale the smoke. Because they do not inhale, they swirl the smoke around the mouth and in and out of the nose to absorb the nicotine through the mucous membrane. A large bowl allows the smoker to load a good amount of tobacco so that frequent short puffs can be taken over a period of time. Smokers who inhale will use a smaller bowl drawing in air slowly to keep the temperature of the bowl low to prevent burn.

Enjoying tobacco from a pipe is both an art and a science. One must first learn to pack the tobacco correctly, then learn to light the pipe evenly which can be a challenge. Next, learning to smoke the pipe correctly will take time. Perfecting the art of using a pipe does not take long but requires understanding and patience. A properly smoked tobacco pipe provides a pleasant aroma a wonderful taste, and relaxation.

Smoking pipes is an activity of leisure that should be slow and steady. Most who use a pipe do so in quiet contentment enjoying the time it takes to smoke a bowl to slow down and relax. Whether it is an evening porch pastime to reflect on the days activities, or relaxing in a recliner with a nightcap, the art of using a pipe conjures up feelings of calm peaceful moments.

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