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Tips To Help You Light Your Pipe Successfully

There’s no doubt that smoking a pipe is one of the most enjoyable pastimes around. Of course, you can’t smoke that pipe until you learn how to light it. This can take some time, as you’ll need a bit of patience and some knowhow to get started. You will also need some specialized tools to ensure that you are successful. With the right tools and the right tips, you’ll be enjoying that pipe in no time at all.

As mentioned, the right tools are vital to enjoying that pipe. You need a tamper, an aerator, a cleaner, quality tobacco and a good pipe. You also need a good lighter. If you choose to make use of a cigar lighter with a cutter, you should ensure that the lighter offers a traditional flame in addition to the torch flame. This type of dual flame arrangement will help ensure that you light your tobacco, without ruining the actual pipe you hold in your hand. Start by packing your pipe with loose pinches of tobacco.

Once you have packed the bowl to the rim, you should make use of the tamper to work around the inside of the bowl. Tamp it gently; do not tamp it very tightly. If you pack it too hard, you will not be able to draw sufficient air through the pipe, forcing you to work hard and relight many times before you’re done with the bowl. You can test the packing job by drawing gently on the pipe stem. If it’s hard, unpack the bowl and start over.

Now that the bowl has been packed, you should move on to the lighting aspect. Hold the lighter above the bowl. Draw in air gently; you should see the flame bend to touch the tobacco, but do not let the tobacco ignite right now. All you want here is to start the tobacco smoking. Once it is, put down the lighter and tamp the tobacco back down to its original position.

The next step is the real lighting. Once more, hold the lighter above the tobacco and draw gently on the pipe stem. Allow the flame to brush the tobacco and then whirl the flame around in the bowl so that all the tobacco lights. Do not get the tobacco too hot now, or it will taste foul. Once the pipe is going, you can simply enjoy a relaxing smoke.

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